Alicia Bozza, Author & Meditation Guide

"Angela L. Montanez is a mind maven with superstar abilities that will guide you forward to place your feet on the path your feet should be. Part fireball, part mystic, allow Angela to guide you while creating a conscious plan of action that will give you the confidence to walk forward in peace and in love. I am proud to claim her guidance as a blessing in my life." 
-Alicia Bozza, Author & Meditation Guide of Memorable Moments By Alicia

Angela L. Montanez

Angela L. Montanez is a Health & Fitness Rebel, Channeler, Mediyum, Prophet, Psychic, Ancient, Old Soul, Energy Worker, Health Rebel, and Plant-Based Foodie in New York City. She believes that healing is possible and possibility is where the healing begins. She believes that miracles are the result of the healing path that began with a possible thought. Angela empowers her Spirit Sorority to align their minds, bodies, and souls.

She is the lead MediYum, wellness rebel girl, and fit-fashion blogger at You can find her at  

Angela has lost 120+ pounds and was featured in People Magazine’s "Half Their Size" Special Edition 2017, People Magazine's annual “Half Their Size” issue for 2016,  Good Morning America, ABC News, E! News, Inside Edition, The Huffington Post, Forks Over Knives Success Stories, and more.  She is an avid believer of herbal medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, a plant-based diet, and other alternative forms of healing that have assisted her in rebuilding her health while enduring 28+ years with an autoimmune liver disease and Cirrhosis. 

Angela resides in New York City with her family and 2 dogs.