Jill Prescott, founder of Tangent Path, is the button-pushing instigator that will powerfully guide you back to your heart with compassion and commitment. Expect to Fall in Love with YOU, remembering how truly powerful and capable you are. She believes that we hold within us all the answers we’ve been seeking outside of ourselves. Together, you will shine a light into those dark places that have been keeping you separate from having the life you dream of. She offers one on one packages that will have you experience Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Harmony Integration processes, and Energy work. She taps into her powerful intuition to find the modality that best serves you in each session. Jill also leads group meditation and healing circles and is available to speak to your group on a number of topics such as “The what, why and how of living a heart-based life. And what does that even mean anyway?” and “Discover what the nasty little voice in your head is REALLY trying to say to you. Turn your Inner Critic into your Inner Guide.” 


Angela told me that she wanted to live healthy and that she wasn’t going to let any body stop her. She told me she was going to create a cookbook with motivational speeches in it to keep the dieter focused. When I ate the foods she made and drank those juices, I knew it was real. It made me more aware of what I was putting in my body and want to eat better. I remember at the park how she set a time goal window for herself to get where she wanted to be.

She looks 17, lol. All that tells me is that there is a god, he is good. As long as you have faith in him and believe in yourself, you will become more of a beautiful human being that you could ever imagine...And who wouldnt want that in their lives, especially today.

Like I said, Im very proud to know her and be witness to her transformation. The discipline she has is commendable....Every time I seen or talked to her, she was positive and striving for more. She was hungry....like a wolf.
— MC King


"Gorgeous! You Are Aging Backwards!!!!!" 

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