Align Masters Program:

Are you ready to align yourself, walking master? Align is a program that will help guide you on your soul journey and assist with clarity of mind, body, and soul so that you may be sharp enough, happy enough, joyful enough, and inspired enough to empower yourself to live the life you desire from a place of pure joy. 

As a walking ascended master on this earth who has lived thousands of lifetimes, it can be difficult to “un-know,” “un-feel”, and even trust that in this lifetime we will be supported in our work. As old souls, we find it the most difficult to manage and balance erratic energy from others and the earth and even within ourselves. Our bodies are prone to illnesses more readily because our thoughts manifest at the speed of thought yet we find ourselves stuck in positions in life and struggling with our greatest fears such as the dying and rebirth process. Our diets can be faulty as we struggle with our fears further aggravating our physical ailments. Align Masters helps you to uncover your soul’s walking mastery on this earth revealing your cyclical and continued life purpose.

Align masters is a mastery level program that will aide you in challenging, enduring, and transforming the energy of your greatest fears and pulling the curtain back on the why’s of each fear. No man or woman is an island and oftentimes as highly connected beings we find ourselves isolated craving the very words of the divine and a home we can barely remember but feel. Align Master’s provides a camaraderie, spirit, sisterhood, and support for your intuitive and channeling development and a fostering spirit for those who may feel homeless as a walking master on this earth seeking healing and connection in mind, body, and soul. Are you ready to align master? Are you ready to “become” and walk in your fullness old soul? Let’s begin.  


Discussions and Practicals:

  • Coming out as a multi sensory and multi-dimensional intuitive
  • Medical Intuition Reading 
  • Food Energy Readings 
  • Dream Interpretation 
  • Mediumship practicals
  • Energy, Pranic, and Reiki Healings 
  • Spiritual Encounters
  • Kundalini/Shaman's Illness Awakening Consulting or any type of spontaneous spiritual awakening effecting your physical body.
  • Business and Soul Alignment 


Two Day Align Masters Reboot
Saturday and Sunday

Four Week Align Masters
Sat & Sun for 4 weeks.

Who Is This Program For? 

This course is for you IF……

  • You have been told that you are highly psychic, intuitive, a healer, or a prophet and you feel lost in the spiritual sauce. 
  • You have heard the words, “Why are you so sensitive?” your entire life and you would cry at the thought of hurt animals, starving children, crying friends, and chopped down trees. 
  • You’ve consulted with every oracle and tarot deck you own and you’re still frustrated with getting an answer you can fully understand, interpret, or get to be consistent. 
  • You have exhausted your disposable funds for the next month consulting with seers, psychics, healers, and channelers and, while some areas are clear, you have more questions and concerns more now then you did before your visits because of the immense shifts that have happened in your life. 
  • Every new step you want to take, you cannot take it without fear of aligning yourself wrong and heading down the wrong path. 
  • Free Readings and one card pulls are like mini reading gold mines to you. 
  • It is difficult for you to have small talk and casual conversation anymore with friends or family. 
  • You may or may not have mastered “shielding” but you know there is another level in your journey to go, with energy work. 
  • You may or may have not mastered Reiki or panic healing but you know there is another level yet to go, with energy work. 
  • You are having trouble concentrating and staying connected to your own energy space and meditation without thinking, “this could be so much easier if someone just told me what to do who is more connected.” 
  • You most likely have a chronic autoimmune condition or some kind of long term health problem that does not seem to resolve itself.
  • You are a master at seeing, hearing, and even may channel. Your intuition is high yet you know there is MORE to harnessing and utilizing divine energy. 
  • You have watched the movie, The Last Air Bender, and know those gifts are not impossible. 
  • You are open to learning and receiving more of what the universe has in store for you. 
  • If this sounds like you then…..

Welcome to Align Masters, the next level toward your rising phoenix. 

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation now and let’s see if you are ready to rise from the ashes. 

These Masters Are Angela's Most Inspiring Teachers: 

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Ever feel like, "I don't know what's happening to me?" 

“Even if you can't fully express what is going on with you, know that there are those among us who do. For me that's Angela.”

— Rhea Higgins Joseph

She Looks 17! The discipline she has is commendable.

“When I ate the foods she made and drank those juices, I knew it was real. It made me more aware of what I was putting in my body and want to eat better.”

— M.C. King

So Powerful. You're such an inspiration.

"Incredible! Such an inspiration. You are aging backwards! So Powerful. You are a superstar." 

— E.G.